Frequently Asked Questions

A Neptune Master can triple or even quadruple the positive benefits of swimming in less time - however, Neptune Trainees DO NOT have to be swimmers!


Is Neptune Training just for world-class athletes?
    No, although it could be used to improve the performance of athletes in any sport. Parts of Neptune training could be used by virtually anyone to get better results from their workout time.

2. What are the major advantages of Neptune Training?
    Increased strength, flexibility, range of motion, muscle tone, circulation, and endurance, in a reduced amount of time, are the major advantages.

Neptune training might be the best thing that has happened to personal training since the weight machine, and it's probably better.

3. Why is swimming/Neptune Training considered to be such a great workout?
    Swimming works your whole body, improving cardiovascular conditioning, muscle strength, endurance, posture and flexibility all at the same time; Neptune Training multiplies all the benefits of swimming many times over, with the added benefit of developing true core strength.

4. How does Neptune Training build muscle?
    As the water pushes against the body, movements become more difficult, requiring muscles to work harder. Calories are burned and muscles are toned.

Basic – Learn to use hand paddles properly to minimize stress on joints (Neptune Training should never cause discomfort – if it hurts, don’t do it!); learn to stretch to improve flexibility; develop basic kicking skills; learn to breath properly with and without the use of a snorkel
Advanced –Tie all the basics together and use them efficiently to achieve an excellent workout; learn upper body power and stretching moves; increase muscle tone; develop yoga-type flexibility; increase range of motion
Extreme – Learn how to challenge every muscle in your body; build optimum strength, endurance and flexibility; achieve optimal muscle performance
Master – A Neptune Master must show advanced skills and understanding, with a very high level of strength, endurance and flexibility. Neptune training will challenge even the strongest of athletes and optimize your core strength. A Neptune Master must have a deep-seated quest to obtain optimum health.

5. How can I provide more resistance in the water to build muscle?
    By adding fins and paddles in various sizes, as you progress from Advanced to Extreme Neptune Water Aerobics.

6. Does sweating help lose weight?
    Only if you want to reduce the water content of your body! Only muscle burns fat, so the more muscle mass you have, the easier it is to burn fat and lose weight.