The Neptune Ultimate FitnessŪ training program:

 Is taught only by a Certified Neptune Master
 Establishes a personalized Neptune Ultimate FitnessŪ training program just for you
 Introduces you to the benefits of Neptune Ultimate FitnessŪ training
 Assesses your current condition
 Helps you to establish fitness goals
 Teaches you the basic use of goggles, snorkel, Neptune-approved paddles, and fins
 Uses the basics to improve posture, flexibility, muscle tone, and range of motion
 Builds optimum endurance and muscle performance

Training should be done a minimum of three times per week for a period of six to eight weeks.

Each student is taught one-on-one. They learn the value of using water's natural resistance coupled with Neptune-approved paddles and fins to provide increasingly progressive resistance. They learn that there is no outer limit to its scope - the harder they work, the more benefit they will gain.

Rather than working one individual muscle group or another, students reap the benefits of cross training by working multiple muscle groups. Neptune Ultimate FitnessŪ will optimize synergy between muscle groups and will strengthen core muscle at the same time.

The trainee learns to control not only the overall workout but also every movement to avoid training injuries. The intensity of the workouts will be increased only at a pace commensurate with the student's progress and ability.

Students move through basic instruction to advanced and then extreme levels of Neptune Ultimate FitnessŪ. They are encouraged to increase the power and stretch of each kick and pull as they progress through the various levels. If they have the will and desire, students can progress to Master's level where they will prove innovative development of stroke and technique and a very high level of strength, endurance, and flexibility.

Students learn new skills at each level of training:

  • Basic - Learn to use hand paddles properly to minimize stress on joints, (Neptune Training should never cause discomfort - if it hurts, don't do it!); learn to stretch to improve flexibility; develop basic kicking skills; learn to breath properly with and without the use of a snorkel
  • Advanced -Tie all the basics together and use them efficiently to achieve an excellent workout; learn upper and lower body power, torque and stretching moves; increase muscle tone; develop yoga-type flexibility; increase range of motion
  • Extreme - Learn how to challenge every muscle in the body during every workout rather than isolating training on one muscle group; build optimum strength, endurance and flexibility; achieve optimal muscle performance
  • Master - A Neptune Master must show advanced skills and understanding, with a very high level of strength, endurance and flexibility. A Neptune Master must have a deep-seated quest to obtain optimum health.